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House Cleaning in Park Slope

For many people, keeping their home clean is a chore that they hate performing. It seems like a constant battle to keep everything picked up, much less handle all the deep cleaning items like washing walls, ceilings, windows and vacuuming. People often end up spending many hours each week trying to keep their home clean, and never have time to really relax and enjoy themselves. This is especially common for parents of small children.

Rather than spending all day cleaning up the messes that are left behind over the course of the day, why not let our expert house cleaning professionals come out and take care of it all for you. We provide house cleaning in Park Slope that will ensure your home stays clean, while you have the extra free time you need to spend with your kids or just relax for a while.

One Time Cleaning Services

Many of our customers use us only as an as needed service. For example, if they are planning a party at their home, they will give us a call to come out the following day. This way they can enjoy themselves at their party, and not worry about having to clean everything up afterwards. We will arrive at the designated time and get everything cleaned up properly so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Of course, there are many other types of events that might require some cleaning when they are done, and we can be there for all of them. We also handle one time jobs like carpet cleaning and things like that, which don’t need to be done very often. Another great option is for us to come out for one or more cleanings while mothers are expecting a new baby. This can help take a lot of stress off the expecting mom, while also keeping the home clean and sanitary, which is very important.

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

In addition to the one time services, we also offer regularly scheduled house cleaning in Park Slope and Brooklyn. This means we will come out on a set day and time to handle all your cleaning. Many customers have us come out once a week. Others do it daily and still others request we come out just once a month. No matter how frequently you need our services, we are here for you as often as you would like. This is one of our most popular options since it allows you to keep your home looking great, without spending hours every week doing all the work yourself.

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No matter what type of service you want, or how often you need it, just give us a call and we will be happy to help. We can be reached by dialing 718-504-6630. When you call you will speak with one of our great customer service professionals. They can answer any questions you might have or make the appointments you need for our high quality house cleaning services.

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