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Carpet cleaning in Park Slope is an important cleaning service.
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If you’re looking to get some help keeping your home or business clean, you will want to find the best cleaning company in Park Slope, NY. Over the years, many people have found that we are an excellent option to consider. Sparkle Carpet Cleaning offers a wide range of different cleaning services to help ensure your home or business look and smell like new. We offer one time cleaning options as well as regularly scheduled services to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

One of the best ways to choose which cleaning company you want to go with is to have them come out and perform one or more services. This way you can get an actual understanding of the type of work that is done. If you like the work, you can hire them on for regular cleaning. With that in mind, why not give us a call at 718-504-6630 to schedule us for any type of cleaning job you might have. Of course, you can also ask us questions if you have them or schedule any of our great cleaning options.

Our Cleaning Services

We serve people throughout Park Slope, Brooklyn and the surrounding area with high quality cleaning services. The following are four of the services we offer to our customers. See if any of them will meet your cleaning needs:

  • Carpet Cleaning – Using high quality truck mounted carpet cleaners we can remove stains and odors and get your carpet looking like new again. This will also help to keep your carpet looking nice for years to come.
  • Office Cleaning – Let us come in and clean up your office. We handle all types of facilities including home offices, office buildings, medical offices and commercial offices. Whatever it is you need, we can handle it from start to finish.
  • House Cleaning – We’ll come out and do a full cleaning of your home including wiping down walls, counters, floors and more. If you have anything specific in mind that you need done, just let us know and our skilled cleaning crew will be happy to help.
  • Commercial Cleaning – We are the best commercial cleaners in the Park Slope, NY area. We can help with post construction cleaning, post party cleaning or any other type of in depth cleaning requirements you might have.

Best Equipment & Products

One thing that really helps to set us apart from the competition is the fact that we use only the best products and equipment on the market. When it comes to cleaning supplies, for example, we will bring the best, most environmentally friendly options possible. Not only does this allow your house to get cleaner, but it also keeps your family, pets or employees safe from any fumes or other potentially harmful or irritating issues.

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If you have any type of cleaning that you need completed, please give us a call at 718-504-6630. We are happy to answer any of your questions or set up an appointment to come out to your home or office to show you exactly what we can do. We’re confident you’ll be impressed and want us to come back again and again to help keep your property clean.

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